Warehousing solutions built for performance, agility, and scale

Address consumer demands throughout India

Our strategically located 35+ warehouses enable businesses to penetrate new markets. As a controlled cost fulfilment solution, our warehousing solutions enable enterprises to consolidate orders and distribute them in multiple locations, resulting in a better cost-to-serve ratio and fewer road miles due to higher drop densities. The nationwide presence of our multi-temperature warehouses spanning 1.3 million sqft of space offer a perfect solution for food brands to scale their business through the urban and rural landscape of India.

Expand nationally with our network

Maximize operating performance with unified way of working across warehouses

To inculcate a uniform way of working our proprietary technology UnitXPro was embedded in the way our warehouses perform. UnitXpro ensures business continuity, boosts productivity and efficiency, streamlines operations, and builds business intelligence while empowering a culture of co-creation. It improves various functions, processes, and systems, of a unit including proactive management of contingencies while making sure that no sales are lost due to equipment or personnel concerns. The technology also enhances and simplifies all system procedures consequently reducing risks across functions.

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Improve efficiency and productivity of business units at lowest system costs

We help achieve efficiency at warehouses by optimizing space utilization, streamlining operations, and increasing productivity. Our processes are planned to balance inventory storage and turnover. The state-of-art infrastructure we have helps smoothen pick-up, racking, and other processes. We train people with industry best practices to improve productivity in our operating environment. We constantly focus on leveraging technology to further improve the effectiveness of our people and processes.

Know how to increase forecast accuracy to drive efficient operations

Assured quality, safety, and hygiene compliance

Safety and quality are a part of our DNA given product integrity are of the highest value in the foodservice domain. Our entire team supports this belief, and as a result, a specific internal audit was created to ensure our quality. SQVI (Service Quality Value Index) is the internal process Quality audit designed on the Food Safety Principals which are derived from various International and National Food Safety Authorities and Legal Authorities. It improves 13 quality and other aspects ensuring efficient and effective operations to deliver brand protection and business continuity. We further this process by awarding an internal rank to our best-performing units by a process called UPVI (Unit Performance Value Index). All of our units strive towards operational excellence. To measure each unit's performance, we created UPVI which is an index that measures customer-centricity, safety, quality, operational execution, and innovation.

Range of solutions to serve you better

With our extensive knowledge of the foodservice industry, we aim to empower brands in the culinary domain with various warehousing offerings to streamline processes that construct the backdrop of their business. Our warehouses are FSSAI certified, equipped with the modern G+4 pallet racking system and other product handling equipment’s like battery operated forklifts and reach-trucks.

Shared Warehouses

We help multiple businesses manage their warehousing needs by storing their inventories at a multi-client warehouse that acts as a distribution center. With collaborations on space, labor, and technology costs help improve supply chain operations to run more efficiently.

Dedicated Warehouses

We assist businesses in managing dedicated storage facilities. We bring in our people, processes, and technology to manage different kinds of inventories and enable the supply chain lifecycle to thrive, so their stakeholders can concentrate on customer satisfaction.

Automated Storage and Retrieval (ASRS)

ASRS is a type of warehouse automation technology meant to buffer, store, and retrieve products and inventory on demand. ASRS provides several substantial benefits to operations by automating the low-value and repetitive job of inventory storage and retrieval.

Temperature controlled

Our climate-controlled warehouses can range from humid environments for storing fresh fruits, flowers, and other perishables to freezers for storing frozen items. These warehouses help maintain the temperature and integrity of the products stored in cold storage.

Ambient / Dry

Our dry warehousing solution is concerned with the storage of consumer products including packaged food. With this kind of warehousing, we offer an excellent alternative for products that require quality and safety but do not require precise temperature control.

Value-added services (VAS)

We tailor-made VAS allows you to focus on your core expertise. Some of our flexible solutions include – Packaging, Bundling, Breakbulk operations, Cross docking, Compliance Advisory and Execution, Network Design & Re-Design, Material Sourcing and others

Leverage our warehousing capabilities to your competitive advantage

Together we can achieve these warehousing outcomes

Optimised Inventory
Optimized Inventories
51 Increased order accuracy
Improved order accuracy
50 Increased inventory storage density
Efficient Space Utilization
49 Efficient space utilization
Streamlined Process
45 Evidence driven KPI tracking
Evidence Driven KPIs
35 Streamlined processes
Increase storage density

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does RK Foodland’s warehouse management service enhance supply chain efficiency for businesses in various food sectors?

RK Foodland’s warehouse management service enhances supply chain efficiency by:

  • Optimizing Storage: Implementing strategic storage solutions that maximize space utilization and improve inventory management.
  • Streamlining Processes: Utilizing efficient processes that expedite the handling, storage, and retrieval of goods, reducing lead times.
  • Enhancing Accuracy: Implementing systems that improve the accuracy of inventory tracking, order processing, and order fulfilment.
  • Improving Visibility: Providing accurate on demand visibility into inventory levels and warehouse operations, enabling better decision-making.
Do you provide technology-integrated solutions in your warehouse management services?

Yes, RK Foodland provides technology-integrated solutions and value-added services in warehouse management, such as:

  • UnitXPro: A proprietary solution of RK Foodland, instrumental in digitizing various warehousing operations, fostering a unified workflow, automating processes and, enhancing overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Advanced Technology Integration: Utilizing technologies like Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), RFID, and barcoding for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Customized Reporting: Offering customized reporting solutions to provide insights into inventory levels, order status, and overall warehouse performance.
  • Value-Added Services: Providing additional services such as packaging, labelling, and kitting to meet specific customer needs and enhance the value of the offerings.
How does RK Foodland manage capacity planning and ensure flexibility to accommodate changes in my supply chain requirements over time?

RK Foodland manages capacity planning and ensures flexibility by:

  • Market Sensing: RK Foodland actively monitors market trends, enabling adaptive capacity planning aligned with current demands and market fluctuations.
  • Vendor Management: Collaborating with vendors, ensure immediate responsiveness to urgent needs, enhancing supply chain flexibility and adaptability.
  • Supply Chain Partnerships: Strong partnerships within the supply chain foster a collaborative environment, enhancing adaptability to evolving needs and challenges.
  • Proactive Strategy Development: Forward-thinking strategies are employed to anticipate and prepare for future supply chain changes and challenges, ensuring resilience and adaptability.