Achieve visibility and control across order to cash lifecycle

Orchestrate end to end order lifecycle for increased revenue

In the complex food industry, where omni-channel fulfilment is becoming the standard and perishability is a problem, businesses must have a clear perspective of inventory in order to meet orders and minimise loss of sale. An end-to-end synchronisation between production, planning, inventory, order, sales and payment systems ensures a perfect order fulfilment, reconciliation and an optimised order-to-cash cycle. Instead of focusing on payments, businesses can focus on growing revenues by controlling risks.

Enhance order management by utilizing our integrated fulfillment solution

Fit-to-purpose order management platform for food service industry

For a perfect order fulfilment, it is essential that businesses accurately and efficiently manage customer orders on-time and in-full. OrderXPro is a comprehensive solution for seamless inventory visibility and order fulfillment across the food value chain. It provides a standardized platform for centrally consolidating scattered orders, reviewing, allocating, and scheduling delivery, improving order fulfillment. Processing order becomes easy with its enterprise-wide view and the orders can be tracked throughout all business units in the extended supply chain. It is designed to orchestrate orders across a distributed omnichannel environment including integration with many systems. It enables you to manage orders, determine the best distribution centre from where the order can be fulfilled and ensures a smooth cash flow cycle.

Order to cash management

Understand how increased order accuracy and fill-rates can be achieved through a consolidated order management system

Order Management


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Leverage technology for better managed order-to-cash cycle

Data and insights from across the order lifecycle enables smarter decision-making and a better view of the entire process. Seamless order processing is enabled through automation at every stage from order placement to delivery through easy-ERP connectivity, live order tracking and electronic proof of delivery (e-PoD). Our e-PoD technology is an in-house mobile based application that drives order reconciliation at the delivery end, reducing payment delays. OrderXPro ensures a cohesive O2C cycle right from order placement, invoicing, to fulfillment and cash collection. With complete visibility of the inventory, it alerts businesses for any out-of-stock orders and drastically reduces order returns. OrderXPro ensures there are no human errors thus avoiding any inaccuracies and bottlenecks.

Find out how effective demand planning can work in tandem with order management

Range of Solutions we offer

  • End-to-end order management
  • Managed order to cash lifecycle
  • Multi-channel order fulfillment
  • Order-to-Cash diagnostic review
  • End-to-end process improvement

Together we can achieve these outcomes

51 Increased order accuracy
Increased order accuracy
Near zero order returns
Near-zero order returns
Efficient order fulfillment
Efficient order fulfillment
Reduced stock-outs
Reduced stock-outs
Consolidated actionable insights
Consolidated actionable insights
Real-time visibility
Real-time visibility

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