Optimize sourcing to unlock greater value across fulfilment cycle

Strategic sourcing for a balanced demand-supply chain

Supplier sourcing is inevitable as the food sector expands rapidly across geographies and channels. We make sourcing a strategic activity that adds value. Strategic sourcing examines business and consumer demands while leveraging supplier relationships and reducing risk. We assist businesses to gain access to our expertise, capabilities, and scale by managing supplier risk and compliance throughout the procurement process. Sourcing strategically with us helps reduce demand-supply mismatches.

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Improved supplier performance for efficient bottom-line

Our supplier management solution continuously measures performance and improves the process for total system cost optimization. We improve productivity and reduce costs by combining supplier management and business planning. It aids decision-making by providing intelligent data and relevant real-time information throughout the sourcing cycle. Supplier scorecards record quantitative and qualitative performance data, giving you improved visibility over supplier data, as well.

Increase supplier performance with effective supply planning

Trading approach modelled for risk mitigation

Businesses traditionally coordinate with many suppliers to procure goods. This increases identification, synchronization, delivery, and payment reconciliation efforts, exposing organizations to overages and risks. We let businesses focus on their core business by orchestrating the sourcing process from start to finish. For many years, we have worked in India's food business, giving us access to a vast supply network. Our trading platform allows businesses to easily operate across geographies and channels without compromising on quality or other associated parameters.

End-to-end sourcing orchestration

Enhanced P2P cycle driven by technology

Our Outsourcing solution gives enterprises better control and visibility over the whole Procure-to-Pay lifecycle, allowing them to better manage cash flow and financial commitments. This assures cost reduction and centralised control, allowing businesses to focus on their customers or demand rather than their supply. Our procurement solution integrates seamlessly with P2P cycle and is constantly improved for efficiency based on spend data and supplier performance.

Outsource fulfilment for a more efficient P2P cycle
Procurement Lifecycle-01

Range of solutions to serve you better

  • End-to-end Sourcing Strategy
  • Procurement Outsourcing
  • Spend Analysis
  • Supplier Planning
  • Procure to Pay Cycle Management
  • Supplier Performance Management

Together we can achieve these outcomes

Improved cash flow
Increased cash flow
End-to-end visibility
Improved supply chain visibility
44 Reduced risks
Efficient order fulfillment (1)
Improved order fulfilment
Improved production scheduling
Improved production scheduling
Consolidated actionable insights (1)
Consolidated actionable insights

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