A network designed to fulfil demand across India,
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Leveraging national network to enhance reach and penetration

Our effective transport service leverages our fleet and national network of warehouses to shorten transit times while maintaining service levels. Our central route planning minimizes transport costs and optimizes vehicle routes and distances. Route planning and transport management systems cover primary, secondary, and reverse logistics. Through network optimization, we reach 300+ key consumption centers across the country.

Achieving punctual deliveries with real-time visibility

Our centralized command and control center solution enables mission-critical monitoring of carriers, vendors, fleet audits, payments, claims, and other activities. We have control tower expertise in operations, analytics, and customer support. We plan the best routes for transport, choose the most efficient carriers, and monitor their performance. Our centralized control tower remotely supervises all fleets, including live temperature monitoring, dashboard generation, and SMS alerts. The goal is to make deliveries on time while providing end-to-end visibility across the transportation lifecycle, allowing a chance to spot exceptions and take prompt corrective action.

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Control Tower


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Advanced transportation for temperature-sensitive products

Our wide range of fleet includes carriers suited for all kinds of temperatures, enabling transportation across various temperatures at the same time.  Our Temperature Controlled fleets provide a secure and proven supply chain medium, ensuring safe and compliant transportation in frozen, chilled, and ambient temperatures. These fleets reduce the possibility of replenishment of cooling mediums during transit of different kinds of inventories. Vehicles have twin doors to reduce product temperature shock during transport. Sensors and remote monitoring systems precisely control the temperature during travel, which is constantly monitored. This allows for instant reporting of any temperature deviations while in transportation.

Ensure temperature-controlled warehousing along with temperature-sensitive movement
Multi Temperature Vehicles Vr2

Assisted last-mile deliveries for fulfilment into food service

Our contactless delivery solution for food service outlets ensures that material sent from distribution centers/kitchens reaches store shelves and freezers in hygienic condition. Using a control center, the entire vehicle transition from pick-up to store is monitored in real-time, assuring the safety of the products and personnel. Pick-up, travel, and delivery temperatures are tracked to ensure product integrity. With the help of an application, the solution provides efficient, accurate, and reliable non-operational store services. This minimizes staff engagement in the Supply chain, allowing them to focus on everyday customer service and revenue enhancement.

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Transportation solutions tailored for success

We provide a comprehensive range of transportation services in addition to a diverse range of planning that goes into constructing a transportation strategy. Our services encompass both back-end information technology infrastructure and front-end devices that collect and report critical shipment data in real-time. We do more than just moving goods; we enable businesses to remain competitive in today’s world with solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements of every unique business. We have both owned and long-term leased fleet to serve various needs.

  • In plant Transportation
  • Inbound Transportation
  • Outbound Transportation
  • Intermodal Transportation
  • Long Haul 

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  • Temperature-controlled PTL
  • Full Truck Load
  • Reverse logistics / Back Haul
  • Contactless delivery
  • Green Fleet

Committed to operating in an energy-efficient manner

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we now run a percentage of our fleets on green fuel like biodiesel, CNG. We have deployed electric reefer solutions for our vehicles to work on a hybrid model. Alternative fuels provide a new potential for the supply chain industry to pursue sustainability. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease. The current biofuel infrastructure allows fleets to reduce emissions and improve air quality quickly and affordably.

We go beyond green fleets and indulge in wider sustainability commitment

Caring about the human element in transportation

Powered by technology we put in a lot of effort in uplifting the quality of life for our on-ground drivers backed by meticulously planned processes. With the implementation of better planning and strategy, we ensure our drivers don’t stay away from their families for long. Their physical and mental well-being is well looked after. We train them for their safety through challenging conditions that they may face. With on-time salaries and digitization to ensure the simplicity of their processes, our transportation partners live a meaningful family life. 

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Together we can achieve these transportation outcomes

On-time delivery
On-time Delivery
Increased Reach and Penetration
Increased reach and penetration
Temperature integrity
Temperature Integrity
24_7 monitoring
24*7 monitoring
Network Optimisation
Network Optimisation
Real-time visibility
Real-time visibility

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What measures does RK Foodland take to ensure (product integrity) the safety and timeliness of goods transported?

RK Foodland takes several measures to ensure the safety and timeliness of goods transported, such as:

  • Temperature Monitoring and Adherence: Continuously monitoring and maintaining requisite temperature levels during transit to ensure the preservation of quality, freshness, and overall integrity of perishable and temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Route Optimization: Utilizing efficient routes to ensure timely delivery and minimize transportation time.
  • Secure Packaging: Using secure packaging methods to protect goods from damage during transportation.
  • Regular Vehicle Maintenance: Ensuring that all vehicles are well-maintained and in optimal condition for transportation.
  • Trained Drivers: Employing trained and experienced drivers who adhere to safety regulations and guidelines.
What specific technologies and innovations, including StealthXPro, are instrumental in enhancing your transportation management services?

Technologyy and innovation are integral to RK Foodland’s transportation management services. StealthXPro, for instance, is utilized to enhance operational efficiency and service quality. It helps in:

  • Real-time Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of goods during transit ensuring enhanced visibility, security, and timely delivery.
  • Release of Manpower at Store/Outlet Level: Automating various processes, reducing the manual workload at stores and outlets allowing staff to focus more on customer service and other essential tasks.
  • Route Optimization: Optimizing delivery routes, ensuring that goods are delivered in the most efficient and timely manner.
  • Data Analysis: Collection and analysis of data to make informed decisions, improve strategies, and optimize transportation processes.
  • Enhanced Communication: Improving communication within the supply chain, ensuring that all parties are well-coordinated and informed, leading to smoother and more efficient operations.
How does RK Foodland ensure effective fleet management, and are the vehicles equipped with traceability features for enhanced visibility and control?

Yes, RK Foodland meticulously manages its fleet with a blend of technologies and strategic approaches, ensuring enhanced visibility and streamlined operations in the transportation processes. This is done through:

  • 24x7 Logistics Control Tower: A dedicated logistics control tower operates round the clock, ensuring continuous monitoring and management of fleet operations, facilitating immediate response to any arising issues.
  • Vehicle Tracking: Vehicles are equipped with GPS and sensors that enable real-time tracking. This allows for continuous monitoring of temperature and route, ensuring that the goods are transported under optimal conditions.
  • Route Optimization: Blend of technologies are utilized for route planning and route optimization. This ensures efficient and timely deliveries, and clients are kept informed with real-time ETA notifications.
  • Cube Utilization: Strategies such as cube utilization are employed to optimize vehicle space, ensuring that each fleet operates at maximum efficiency and that goods are transported securely and effectively.
  • On-Road Maintenance Support: A robust on-road maintenance support system is in place, ensuring that vehicles receive timely maintenance and that any potential issues are promptly addressed, minimizing delays and disruptions.