Committed to a

Our Sustainability Commitment

We concentrate on three key focus areas where we can have the greatest positive impact on our environment and in our communities, while growing our business. These priorities improve associate engagement, address environment sustainability, and are important to our customers, community, and shareholders.

Our goal is to build value among our company’s broad set of stakeholders by incorporating socially responsible business practices within our own operations and across every stage of our supply chain. We’re setting ambitious environmental goals, exceptional governance and making impactful advancements in communities in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

ESG Commitment


We ensure that our supply chain practices are as environmentally friendly as possible. Usage of green fuel such as bio-diesel across our fleet is a key initiative that we undertake. Apart from that, effective waste management, water treatment plants, resource conservation and compliance with environmental regulations drive our efforts towards environment preservation.


“Fair and ethical business practices” is a value that is core to our corporate philosophy. We use accurate and transparent accounting methods, pursue integrity and diversity in selecting our leadership and people, and are accountable to shareholders. We have various policies and internal controls in place to promote transparency, ethics and compliant behavior.

Our CSR Strategy

RK Foodland is committed to operate and grow its business in a socially responsible way and being the change in our community practices. We are proud of our infectious enthusiasm for doing our bit for the society. It gives us pleasure and we end our day with happy faces and contended hearts.






Key initiatives

  • Electrification of village through Solar
  • Energy Pan India Plantation drives
  • Animal Shelter Development and Maintenance
  • Cleanliness and Sanitation Awareness
  • Supporting women towards income independence
  • Market-relevant skill training for college students
  • Providing machinery and tools to people for improved livelihood
  • Computer training support for economical community
  • Training women for income generation
  • Providing equipment to specially abled children
  • Working with transgender community
  • Support to marginalized communities
  • Cyclone rehabilitation and support to villages
  • Providing support to families during pandemic
  • Materials and food distribution for flood affected areas
  • Mask distribution drive during Covid-19
  • School infrastructure improvement
  • Distribution of education kits to poor students
  • Sports, arts and other extra-curricular activities for school students
  • Software course training to college students
  • Healthy food distribution to malnourished people
  • Diabetes Awareness campaign
  • Clean water facility at rural areas
  • Drug Awareness campaign

We care about the community we operate in:

Catalysing long term social Impact by Addressing Mother and Child Malnutrition

ANNADA – Association for Nutrition And Development Action is a PLANET Group Section 8 Not For Profit organization that works to catalyze the SDG goal of Zero Hunger by leveraging innovative food solutions, integrating with communities, fostering collaborations and engaging technologies to deliver high impact, sustainable health & nutrition programs.

Through an effective, de-centralized and scalable nutrition model they have implemented programs in close to a 1,000 locations across 6 states of India impacting over 1.5 lakh beneficiaries. They have managed to reduce child malnutrition by over 50% across these projects.

ANNADA – Association for Nutrition And Development Action