Serving India since 1987


Enabling national scalability of food brands


Fulfilling demand across 300+ cities everyday


Managing a GMV of INR 100 billion annually

Transforming supply chains to

Be The Competitive Advantage

Food ecosystem is changing and demand drivers are evolving at a pace faster than ever. In response, food brands are re-orienting their product offerings and fulfilment channels. To stay relevant in this supply chains must become more agile, adaptive and responsive by evolving the ecosystem to sense, foresee, innovate, plan, respond and fulfil demand.

Building, Managing and Scaling high performing demand-centric supply chain requires reliable, responsive, partners with right capability and adequate capacities. Leverage our knowledge and insights to co-create best-fit solutions for your unique supply chain requirements.

Outsourcing unlocks enormous value, instils greater flexibility, responsiveness, and scalability. Leverage our expertise, experience and infrastructure in 3PL operations as well as a full stack of 4PL managed services from planning to fulfilment while optimising for service, quality and cost.

Whether it is using data to make smarter supply chain decisions or deploying operational technologies to improve system efficiency, adopting digital technology is now a must. Harness our suite of digital solutions for integrated, and assured supply chain orchestration.

Conviction built on a deep-rooted legacy

Since 1987, we have been at the helm of Indian food service and retail ecosystem and have evolved people, processes, and technology to create a resilient best-in-class food supply operating model. Our ability to contextualize supply chain imperatives for the food industry has helped us consistently achieve extra-ordinary supply chain outcomes. 


Passion for Food

Having operated and scaled food businesses, we understand the peculiarities of categories and fulfilment channel as they traverse the value chain. Our passion for food has inspired us to build the safest, quality assured and reliable supply chain for food brands.


Knowledge of the Land

Fulfilling demand across 300 cities everyday has given us deep insights into the demand and supply dynamics of the fastest growing consumption market. Accordingly, we have built supply chain capacities and network to enable quicker time to market for food brands across categories.


Vision for the Future

Non-linear demand-centric supply chains of the future would require deep data integrations, speed and agility for omni-channel fulfillment. We are investing into collaborative partnerships, innovations to build sustainable and future ready supply chain ecosystem.

A network designed for Total Value Maximization
across demand driven supply chains

Committed to a sustainable


ESG is more than good intention for us. It is about creating a tangible, practical plan that achieves real results. We have embedded sustainability at the heart of our business and daily actions. It's how we build long-term value for our stakeholders.

Being a responsible employer

Foodland way of being ensures every employee is given an equitable and safe environment to perform and excel. Our workplaces are compliant with all HSSE regulations, fair-wage practices and equal employment opportunities.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We are mindful of our logistics' environmental impact. 100% green fleet, efficient network planning and route optimization are some of the steps we have done to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Being empathetic towards our community

We care for the communities we operate in and are committed to their growth and development. We actively engage with the community in the area of health and nutrition, livelihood, education and minority development.

Performance driven by

People and Passion

We take immense pride in our people and culture. Our colleagues across the country demonstrate the Foodland Way of Being every day in all aspects of work they perform. They strengthen our culture by forming and maintaining relationships that build loyalty and trust while delivering excellence in all areas. We are building a culture that embraces differences across locations.

Frontline associates make an impact

We strongly believe the people interacting with your business are crucial and hence we ensure their training and well-being. We create an atmosphere that is conducive for their growth and development, so that they are capable to serve you better.

Creating an Inclusive and Empowering Workplace

In a male dominant industry, we have always encouraged women to take an active role in operations, enabling many to take leadership roles. We provide opportunities for all colleagues to explore their potential capabilities and we are strengthening our inclusive policies

Embracing new ideas and mindsets

We continually bring in new talent to inculcate fresh energy, that evolves our culture and adapts to the emerging and changing times. While fresh minds come with a fresh perspective, a blend of new ideas and old experience help us become radical yet relevant

Trusted Partner to Food Brands across
Categories and Fulfilment Channels

Taco Bell
Sapphire Foods
Tata Starbucks
Tata Cha
Indian Hotels
Ginger Hotels
Cloud Kitchen, Entertainment, Travel
Oyo Kitchens
Retail, E-Commerce
Haryana Agro
Shell Deli2Go
Dairy & Ice-creams
Baskin Robbins
Heritage Novandie
General Mills
Frozen Food
Varun Beverages
Coca Cola
Snacks, Ready-to-Eat
Pepsi Foods
Parle Agro
Other FMCG
Plant based Meat
Imagine MeatsBlue Tribe Foods

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What SCM services does RK Foodland offer to the Food Service and Food FMCG businesses in India?

RK Foodland enables food and foodservice brands to create, manage, and scale high-performing demand-driven supply chains by orchestrating category and channel-specific planning, execution, and digital solutions.

3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

  • Warehousing: Ensuring safe and hygienic storage of products, maintaining optimum inventory levels, and ensuring timely dispatch and accurate order fulfillment.
  • Transportation: Efficient and timely transportation services ensuring that the products reach the destination in perfect condition, maintaining the cold chain where necessary.
  • Quality and Operations Assurance: Ensuring that the logistics operations meet the required quality standards and operate with high productivity & efficiency.

4PL (Fourth-Party Logistics)

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting: Analyzing and forecasting demand to optimize inventory levels, ensuring products are available as per market demand.
  • Order Management: End-to-end order lifecycle management, ensuring accurate and timely order processing and delivery.
  • Supply Planning: Strategic planning to ensure that supply meets customer demand, optimizing resources and reducing Total System Costs.
  • Command and Contact Center: Centralized management and coordination of the entire supply chain, ensuring smooth and integrated operations for visibility and predictability.

Digital Solutions

  • Digital Supply Chain Strategy: Developing and implementing digital strategies to enhance supply chain operations, utilizing industry knowledge and fit-to-purpose technological developments.
  • Data and Analytics: Utilizing data-driven insights to optimize supply chain operations, improve decision-making, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Traceability Solutions: Implementing solutions that ensure product traceability throughout the supply chain, enhancing transparency and accountability.

SCM Consulting

  • Supply Chain Consulting & Knowledge Advisory: Providing expert advice and insights to optimize the overall supply chain strategy and operations, ensuring alignment with business goals.
  • Supply Chain Design: Designing effective and efficient supply chain networks & processes to meet business needs and market demands.
  • Total Value Maximisation: Strategies and solutions aimed at maximizing the overall value derived from supply chain operations, enhancing profitability.
  • Go to Market Strategy: Developing and implementing strategies to effectively launch and promote products in the market, ensuring they reach the target audience.
  • Sustainability: Implementing sustainable practices within the supply chain, promoting ESG responsibility and long-term sustainability.
What sets RK Foodland services apart from competitors in the Indian market?

RK Foodland stands out in the competitive Indian market due to its:

  • Network: A wide network that ensures extensive reach and accessibility across various regions in India.
  • Experience, Expertise & Knowledge: Long-standing presence in the industry, bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and sectoral expertise.
  • Tailored Solutions: Fit-to-purpose SCM services that meet the specific needs of each client & their business priorities.
  • Technology Integration: Use of modern technology to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Quality Assurance: Commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and hygiene in all services.
What is RK Foodland’s understanding of Food service and FMCG businesses, and their complexities? Can you describe the process for analyzing the complexities in these businesses?

RK Foodland has a deep understanding of the Food Service and FMCG businesses, recognizing the complexities involved such as fluctuating demand, perishability of goods, and supply chain intricacies. The process for analyzing these complexities includes:

  • Market Research: Studying the market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitive landscape to make informed decisions.
  • Right-fit Supply Chain Solutions: Crafting supply chain solutions that are a perfect fit for each business's unique needs and challenges.
  • Risk Assessment: Identifying potential risks and challenges in the supply chain and developing strategies to mitigate them.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly evaluating and optimizing the SCM processes for enhanced efficiency and performance.
  • Customer Feedback: Collecting and analyzing feedback from customers and clients to make necessary improvements and adaptations.