Making supply chain happen

Passionate people driving performance

Our people are dedicated in everything they do – be it bringing customer delight, serving the community or interacting with one another. As an organisation, we encourage holistic development of our people by focussing on regular trainings, building a growth-driven environment, inculcating empathy and creating a fun atmosphere from time to time. Many people in our senior positions have risen levels within the organisation as a direcat result of opportunities presented to them. Many encouraged women have taken up active roles in operations thus exploring their potential capabilities. Our people exhibit the Foodland Way of Working everyday and together we establish a growth-driven workplace. 

Developing our people for excellence

Our employees are the essence of our organization. They enrich our culture and foster meaningful connections. We constantly focus on upskilling our people for a holistic growth through several learnings like:

  • Saksham – creates a strong learning foundation through a structured methodology for training and development across levels.
  • Springboard - combines experience and expertise to enhance the skillsets of employees.
  • Foodland Innovation and Transformations (FIT) – encourages everyone to create small changes that make large impacts to improve our business performance. 

Come and be a part of a high-performing team!

Creating an Inclusive and Empowering Workplace

We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and have taken decisive and tangible steps to this into action. Our operations were run purely by women at our Chennai warehouse. We provide ample opportunities for people to explore their full potential and many of them have risen in hierarchy. We have a woman DC Manager who has risen the ranks depicting that growth and progression take place across genders, communities, regions and levels throughout the organization. We ensure employees across this inclusive workforce get fair and unbiased opportunities to grow and accelerate their careers. 

Embracing new ideas and mindsets

With decades of experience, we have built a culture that embraces both expertise and innovation. We lay emphasis on bringing in new talent that come with a fresh energy. This helps evolve our culture and adapt us to the emerging and changing times. While fresh minds come with a fresh perspective, a blend of new ideas and old experience help us become radical yet relevant.

Celebrating our people and their achievements