A leading Retail Chain in South India in the Food & near Food categories wanted to build two Distribution Centers (DCs) at strategic locations in Bangalore & Chennai. They approached RK Foodland to provide services which would allow them to design and build these two DCs which will support their future business plans by enabling operational efficiency. Correct space planning coupled with proper storage and material handling solution was key to this assignment. The assignment included a study of business plans and SKU details, arriving at DC space requirement and phasing plan.


Solutions Strategy

Foodland took a systematic approach towards the project by first conducting detailed discussion to understand the retail business model. This was followed by collecting critical information on SKU profile, order profile, inventory norms, delivery model, proposed ERP system, future expansion plans etc. This critical information was then used to design DC space requirements, storage and handling systems, docking systems and material handling systems. The DC design concept was then further refined to suit site constraints at Bangalore and Chennai. Consequently, a detailed drawing, project management during actual DC construction phase, vendor development and order management followed.

Final stage of the assignment included assistance in recruitment, closure of contracts, and handover protocols with regular schedule monitoring.


  • The Retail chain successfully built the two DC's with able guidance from the RK Foodland team.