Our Approach


Strategic, Collaborative, & Integrated

RK Foodland goes the extra mile to understand our customers and the ecosystem in which they operate. This facilitates the identification and resolution of our customers’ needs, requirements, and problems, in a strategic and collaborative manner. 

Furthermore, our results and solutions based attitude combined with our VIGS (Value Improvement Guaranteed System) empowers our customers to swiftly improve their top & bottom line, and establish a footprint in high consumption locations in India.


We understand food very well and take full responsibility throughout the supply chain and ensure high-value delivery, this results in high productivity and efficiency and also lowers down the total cost significantly by adopting strategic, collaborative, and integrated approach.

Radhakrishna Foodland is your total Supply Chain Management. We ensure two things about our customers: (1) what they need is what we give and (2) we always deliver with relentless efforts to achieve service excellence. We understand the buyer decisions and customer needs, hence we adopt systems, IT platforms, people deployment, and infrastructure to ensure high-level of customer satisfaction.


RK Foodland has designed the 'Supply Chain Opportunity Assessment (SCOA) Model', which is applied throughout the company.

 This model ensures the customers the following things: 

  • Reduce Supply Chain Cost.
  • Improving Asset Efficiency.
  • Improving Supply Chain Responsiveness.
  • Improving Supply Chain Reliability.