Logistics Management


Delivering Excellence At The Right Time, Right Place, Every Time.


Supply Chains are becoming more complex as customers thrive for shorter, more frequent deliveries to match consumer demand and maintain the need of 'just in time' production schedules. RK Foodland’s efficient, multi- modal transport models help customers to minimize costs, optimize service assets and out last services levels.

We oversee and manage the entire process directly and provide our customers a single window solution to meet all their logistics requirements. RK Foodland operates more than 300+ Ambient and Multi-temperature Vehicles. We were the first to introduce Multi-temperature Vehicles in India.


An Overview

  • RK Foodland operates more than 300 Ambient & Multi Temperature Vehicles.

  • We were the first to introduce Multi Temperature Vehicles in India.

  • More than 400 stores Pan India of our QSR clients are serviced by us.

Our value proposition is compelling and straightforward:

  • Centralised route planning enables reduced transportation costs, and optimisation of routes and distance travelled.
  • Our route planning and optimisation services can also seamlessly integrate with our clients’ existing route planning processes.
  • All our vehicles are compliant with low environment emissions benchmarks.

Control Tower

Control Tower goes beyond just monitoring the movement of the vehicles and plays a vital role in real-time planning and analyzing the life-cycle of each trip completed, irrespective of inbound and/or outbound movement.

Control Tower at RK Foodland forms the backbone of the business unit integrated logistics. This centralized management results in different benefits for our customers like increased transparency, flexibility, and agility.

All vehicles are remotely managed and controlled by our centralized control tower, which manages live temperature monitoring, dashboard generation, and SMS alerts, while the vehicles are in transit. RK Foodland’s most effective and robust Transport Management System (TMS) provides real-time analysis on various parameters like:

  • Unit Utilisations.
  • Excessive Idling.
  • Raise proactive alerts and handling exceptions through proper escalation channels.
  • Running vs Stoppage Hours.
  • Adherence to Temperature Thresholds.

Cloud Technology

With up-growing integration of cloud computing into Supply Chain Management, RK Foodland has leveraged cloud technology to optimize routes, track consignments, and maximize driver and vehicle safety and beyond.

RK Foodland has leveraged cloud technology to manage units across the Supply Chain Management Ecosystem and generate live data such as:

  • Data-Driven

    Information with references and evidences, and not on individual perspective or hearsay.

  • Prescriptive Analytics

    More than just descriptive and predictive analytics. Highlights the course of action to be taken for a situation.

  • Continuity

    Preserves organization memory and knowledge. No memory loss when an individual leaves the organization.

  • Personnel Management

    Empowered and enabled human resource with reduced cost structures. Knowledge v/s Service v/s Execution. No need for 'Experts' at every unit.

Clients Brand Protection Through Our Strong Safety Oriented Process

  • Multi temperature vehicles ensure that products such as foods and pharmaceuticals are transported at the right temperature during transit, thus reducing spoilage.
  • During transit, sensors and remote monitoring systems accurately control the temperature to specific requirements, enabling rectification of any deviation in temperature.