Distribution Center Management

Distribution Center Management

World-class Warehousing & Distribution Services Tailored To Tour Unique Needs


With over 1.2 million square foot of prime, multi-temperature warehousing capacity in strategic locations across India, we have the infrastructure and system capabilities to cater to your storage needs. Our range of distribution center management solutions are amongst the most diverse in India. It encompasses Dedicated, Shared User, Automated and Multi-Temperature operations – adhering to the highest standards of QHHSSEMCC-ITC (Quality, Health, Hygiene, Service, Safety, Environment, Maintenance, Compliance, Contingency, and In-The-Community).

Our market-leading warehouse management system (WMS) and customized distribution center solutions provide greater operational efficiency and better, first-time product availability. We equip our logistics centers with advanced refrigeration and deep-freeze technology. We ensure that our clients' merchandise are taken care of and put away in perfect condition for forward conveyance on time, every time.


Dedicated Warehouse

  • From manufacturing to retail, high-bay to low-bay and automated to manual, RK Foodland is able to offer a warehousing solution that is right for every customer’s unique business needs.
  • Whether bringing in new product lines and volumes or managing seasonal profiles, co-packing or re-work requirements, our warehousing solutions are flexible to suit customers’ changing requirements.
Warehousing Services and Facilities
  • Single window solution specifically customized to each and every need of our customers through conceptualising, designing, building, commissioning and managing dedicated operations .
  • Our complete range of warehousing services includes adapting warehouse layouts, installing automation, warehouse location identification, construction, modification and engineering.
  • Some of our warehousing customers have been with us over a decade, using our expertise and experience to help drive their business forward.

Shared Warehouse

Effective Shared Warehouse Solutions
  • RK Foodland has strategically located its shared user warehouses, all offering fully flexible and cost-effective storage solutions. Shared user sites are integrated with RK Foodland’s wider supply chain infrastructure and provide a range of logistics solutions including storage, picking, co-packing, and transport.
Benefits of dedicated warehouse user services at reduced costs
  • Whether our customers are seeking short, medium or long-term storage due rapid changes in business conditions – RK Foodland caters to all warehousing needs.

Ambient/Temperature Controlled

  • Whether it is the transportation of perishable food produce, temperature critical chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), reliable temperature controlled services are a vital part of Supply Chain Management.
  • RK Foodland provides world-class temperature controlled and controlled atmosphere services, across the supply chain, with safe storage and at right temperatures with environment friendly ammonia based cooling technology.

Reverse Logistics

  • Today’s supply chain is more complex than ever. Reverse logistics is an important area for retailers.
  • RK Foodland provides Returns Management Solutions as part of a complete end-to-end Supply Chain Solution, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout
  • With a highly developed Reverse Logistics program that manages your Product Returns and allows you to reduce returns, save costs from them while limiting your environmental impact.

Recycling Management

  • RK Foodland’s recycling solutions help our customers to reduce their environmental impact, by reusing, recycling and recovering as much waste product as possible. We deliver exceptional service levels, while ensuring that material transportation costs, often the most expensive element of recycling, are kept to a minimum by using the existing supply chain provision.

Fulfilment Services

Adding value to your brand through our fulfilment services
  • RK Foodland manages the complete Fulfilment Process from the Point of Order through to Customer Delivery.
  • Our Integrated Information Systems provide full visibility throughout.
  • Our fulfilment services can cater to every retail need.
  • With customized and design specific requirements of our customers products, we provide services like Order Processing, Packaging Shipping Delivery, and Invoicing.