Devised Effective Transportation Solutions For The Dodsal Group.


The Dodsal Group, headquartered in Mumbai, India is into diversified business like Pharma, Real estate and QSR. At present, the Group conducts its QSR activities through Dodsal Corporation, a franchisee of Yum Restaurants International. Yum in India is the principal Franchisee of brands like Pizza Hut, Dallas, Texas and has over 54 outlets spread across 11 cities in India. Dodsal Corporation had aggressive plans to expand to 150 outlets by 2010.


Challenges Prior to Association with RK Foodland.

Erratic Supply of temperature sensitive raw material in part-load resulted in material shortage at stores and high transportation cost.

Service Requirements.

Dodsal corporation moves products like cheese, butter, meat , sweet corn and other raw material from various suppliers to its stores situated across 11 cities in the country. The volume to one city or store is not sufficient to hire the full truck, hence Dodsal takes the 'Fresh Rush' services from RK Foodland.

Synchronized Solutions.

Commencing of ‘Fresh Rush’ schedule every 5th day from each location where major vendors are located really proved to be the bulls-eye for their requirement. RK Foodland introduced some effective ways for facilitating various steps for adherence to the schedule:

  • Pre-Departure call to the customer was programmed for every schedule.
  • Load specifications were captured 48 hours prior to the schedule in order to eliminate errors.
  • Adherence to Vehicle placement slot was maintained at the pick up point.
  • ETD/ETA Updates were sent to the customer.


    • Availability of appropriate stocks at all times.
    • Rational and planned inventory hence no additional cost on warehousing.
    • No eleventh hour transportation, therefore no emergency expense.