Data Management & Analytics



Technology today is enabling companies to harbour humongous amounts of data. The vast data have emergent properties that make it incredibly hard to find the connections to reveal insights hidden therein.

RKFoodland's Data & Analytics expertise in fusing, disseminating and analysing data from various sources help you make precise, proactive, and predictive decisions by converting unstructured information into actionable knowledge through our proprietary frameworks, systems, and processes.


Being one of India's first and largest organised supply chain company, we understand the frequent disruptions, continuous innovation requirements, and the ever changing demand preferences companies face. We also understand the criticality of valuable data and the need for maintaining data quality. Our experts tactfully synthesise and optimise data which helps collaboration between third-party logistics companies, shippers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and other touch points. This facilitates agility in strategic execution, interoperability, and common integrated business processes.

Our Data Engineers will work with you to enable effective root cause analysis by integrating different supply chain tasks, functions, and activities that will make your supply chain more effective and smarter. This will enable drastic cost reductions by driving down excessive inventory, help proactively respond to inbound and outbound activities, and promote sharing assets by the organisation, which has become critical in today’s environment.


Today, companies manage a massive flow of varied data sets, and at the same time face volatile consumer demands, regulatory requirements and compliances, making it a struggle to master all the intricacies that can be acted upon.

These data sets might look unrelated at first:

  • Demographical data sets and insights
  • Analytics to help make informed decisions.
  • Marketing & Sales data to focus spends and ROI.
  • Planning data of supply chain.

Merging these data sets are vital that will enable:

  • Improved Productivity
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Competitive Edge
  • Ability to grab new Business Opportunities
  • Being Future-ready

Analytics and data-driven decision making will help acquire rapid new knowledge that would otherwise remain in-traceable and not monetized. Experienced analytics will also help improve customer service and better demand fulfilment, better reaction time, increase efficiency, and drive greater integration across your supply chain.

With our data-driven solutions, you will be able to accurately identify trends and derive actionable insights that will positively impact your return on investments. It will enable Marketing and Sales to better understand Reach, Cost, and Quality (RCQ), thus helping assign a better value to touch-points, resources, and investments along the supply chain.

This gives you control analysis for an improved B2B decision-making process that empowers sales force optimisation, better pricing model, efficient operations, and beyond. You will acquire the ability to use cause-and-effect analysis to isolate the true impact of business actions on revenue generation across the supply chain.