RKFoodland’s Response to COVID19

RKFoodland's Response To COVID19

Our Assurance During This Pandemic

We at RKFoodland always serve our customers while maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality. Amidst the wide outspread of the Coronavirus, we have taken additional measures to ensure these levels are maintained at all times so as to keep delivering our customers while safeguarding the health of our colleagues and partners.

COVID 19: Our Heroes

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Message from the COO : Supply chain is the backbone of a business; and we’ve got your back.

Mr Balasubramanian Iyer

It is times like these when the spirit of true partnership fortifies our commitment to ensure business continuity and brand protection for all our clients and collaborators. We are fully cognizant of the limitations and interruptions that arise out of the Covid-19 pandemic, and I write this message as an assurance that we will deal with this situation proactively and to the best of our abilities.

Our operating philosophy of 'S.O.U.R.C.E.S' (Source Of Underlying Risks, Realities, Cause, Effects, & Solutions) has helped us outline an approach that will be the guiding principle for our colleagues to combat bottlenecks and deliver value, seek our vale, without compromising our values to all our customers. Our pursuit of service excellence remains undeterred and our promise of business continuity strong. I am happy to illustrate below our 'C5 to combat C19' approach that showcases our approach to operationally tackle limitations that arise out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

C5 to combat C19 - RKFoodland

The spirit of partnership is what drives us through these uncertain times. We will have to extend and exercise all precautions and resources through this period and would request guidance and support of all our clients and stakeholders.

We are all in this together, you can count on us.

Best Regards,

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    The recent pandemic that has disrupted life and businesses for ourselves and our customers has brought with it many challenges. While the leadership is working rigorously on ensuring business continuity and reassuring our clients our willingness and preparedness to serve them with renewed vigour we took equal measures that our employees remain assured, motivated, engaged and united in these uncertain times.

    To ensure that each and every employee remains beaded and engaged we have initiated a comprehensive Employee Engagement Plan named “Break the Chain” focusing on 4 key levers:

    Uplifting Morale

    A series of video messages by senior leadership across regions and functions to educate , inform our people on the evolving business realities and also reassure them continuously to help improve the morale.

    An additional COVID health insurance has been taken for all employees and their family.

    Engaging Creatively

    Activate communication through Social Media platforms like Whatsapp/ MS Teams and initiated a series of engagement activities such as ‘Foodland Got Talent’, “Funny Videos of the Family”, ‘Singing Competition’, “Poster competition”, ‘What’s cooking today’, Photography contest’ to your best memory etc.

    They say sharpen the axe, when the hoot is called out. And that we are doing exactly that at Foodland Group. We have organised live training webinar on various topics relevant to supply chain industry which will ensure that our employees are ready and upskilled to face the world when we resume normalcy in business.

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    Citizen’s Responsibility

    To remind the employees of their responsibility towards nation we have created a Covid Corner on our Intranet which has all important circulars across the states.

    It also has Covid Policy that defines process in detail which guides them to take valid steps and visit the nearest testing centre if they feel the need.

    Also, a series of infographic posters are being made that keeps reminding them of their duties towards nation by maintaining social distancing, personal hygiene and collective responsibility.

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