TRUE Essence of Supply chain partnership

Supply chain partnerships are quintessential to re-imagine, re-define and re-configure the entire value chain. Forming equitable relationships and exchanging value among the ecosystem participants is a key enabler of customer experience and business growth. For building a successful partnership that assures sustainable business outcomes, getting the ingredients
right is crucial.

Based on our experience and expertise, we have recognized 4 key pillars that form the TRUE essence to a supply chain partnership:

  • Trust & Mutuality
  • Right Contracting
  • Unified Approach
  • Execution


Download the checklist below to assess your partnerships against these pillars:


TRUE Essence of a Supply Chain Partnership Checklist

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To build successful supply chain partnerships the food businesses require the right experience and expertise to manage complexities. Over the past 35 years RK Foodland has partnered with many global and national food brands to enable them with right-fit supply chain solutions for the demand-driven ecosystem. With our experience & expertise we can co-create value and transform your supply chain to be the competitive advantage.


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