Cold Chain Logistics

Cold Chain Industry in India

With tremendous growth & development in the technology of supply chain management & integration, it is now also possible to integrate efficient cold-chain logistics & transport temperature-controlled or temperature-sensitive products with ease. Witnessing the global surge, supply chain companies in India have effectively managed to leap with the development of cold chain logistics & have managed to maintain the quality of the product, keeping the perishables, pharmaceuticals & agricultural products fresh & safe for use. A perfect way to indemnify the contingencies of loss, the cold chain logistics equipped by cold chain companies in India are paving toward the bright future of temperature-controlled logistics.

Owing to technological advancements, the cold chain industry is witnessing a fast-paced splendid growth. The demand for which started to increase after improvements in facilities that aim towards a robust cold chain supply integration. The idea of better cold chain logistics involves a combination of a technical approach that serves the right answer for every question. These advancements in technology have made setting up a strong cold chain by employing –

  • End to End Integration

One of the most important factors that define the reliability of the cold chain is an end to end integration. End-to-end integration includes the complete process from loading to unloading including the travel & commute in between the process. Technical changes & improvements have now made it possible to enable a smart integration making the process systematic & convenient.

  • Automation

The introduction of AIs & automated technology have changed the dynamics of logistics & equipping it with a cold chain has maximized the efficiency of cold chain logistics. For regulation, temperature control, routine check & analysis of data; these automated processes and AIs help with ample benefits & promote a smooth working of the cold chain logistics.

  • Transparency and Reliability

While integrating a fully functional cold chain logistics system, it is significant to check for the system’s reliability & transparency. The top trend in cold chain management is an effectively operating logistics integration with reliability, relevance & openness.

  • Innovative Packaging

Improvements in the technology have enabled innovative packaging that is convenient for transportation & preserves the essence of products making them safe for use. As a smart solution to transport the essential & perishable commodities, the innovative packaging has lifted the standards of cold chain logistics drastically.

Development of Efficient Infrastructure

  • Static Infrastructure

Despite the expansion, it becomes difficult at times to meet the adequate requirement of a cold chain management system. However, the adaptability of efficient technology & integration of the developed facility; has now become to facilitate the static infrastructure with all the amenities that promote a fully functioning cold chain management system. Working effectively for cold stores, pack-houses, pre-coolers, etc. these development work as a boon for the industry.

  • Mobile Infrastructure

Often installed & employed to make the mobile infrastructure efficient for cold chain logistics, these include reefer vans, trucks, carriers, merchandising carts, units used for transportation, and transportation units for static infrastructure. Reefer is a generic name for units that control the temperature. It can be a van or small truck adhering to a standard ISO container. These specially designed containers are the smart introduction to cold chain logistics that make the mobile infrastructure better for convenient use.

Skilled Resources

Another important aspect that is leading the cold chain management towards the bright future of temperature control logistics is the employment of skilled resources throughout the setup. An experienced team with all the skills that make the process hassle-free is appointed at the sources, along with a team of data loggers that monitor the temperatures of the equipment included in static infrastructure. The perfect blend of knowledge & experience equipped in cold chain logistics is making the working more efficient than before.

Following Protocols & Design Standards

Adhering to the government rules & protocols, the new age cold chain management works perfectly in compliance with the ISO standards, & design standards. Handling & following protocols concerning the ISO standards, FSSI, and other essential factors incorporated in the cold chain protocols have been initiated for development in the industry.

As much as these developments define the success & prosperous future of the cold chain industry in India, several companies already lead as top logistics companies by setting benchmarks for the industry. RK Foodland, one of the top supply chain management companies in India thoughtfully integrates cold chain logistics and keeps up with technological advancements. The integration of technology at RK Foodland while setting up a cold chain protocol enables the implementation of robust solutions with end-to-end fully functional cold chain management that drives the demand & fulfills the market with smart cold chain management.