Core Services


To meet ever-changing consumer demands, we have extensively researched and developed innovative solutions & cutting-edge technologies that have an effective impact throughout the Supply Chain Management ecosystem.

RK Foodland has always been technologically ahead as that help us and our clients in Planning, Scheduling, and Organizing at their finger-tips with features like People Management, Process Management, External Environment, Finance, Change Management, Regulatory Compliance, General Tasks, and Facility Related Tasks.

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  • Warehouse Management

    Our range of warehouse solutions is amongst the most diverse in India. It encompasses dedicated, shared-user, automated and multi-temperature operations

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  • Transport Management

    RFPL has responded adeptly to modern supply chain challenges with a comprehensive range of transport services, which cater to local, regional and national requirements.

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  • Value Added Services

    RFPL offers organizations various standardized options in their logistics solutions through collaborative services across the entire spectrum in the supply chain.

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